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Birkenmayer - Industrial Processing Solutions

Birkenmayer South Africa, with extensive knowledge in industrial processing solutions, has over 50 years’ experience in the South African building materials and concrete production market. Birkenmayer locally manufactures a wide range of reputable, robust, easy-to-operate and cost-considerate brick and block making machines and Eirich industrial mixers, as well as supplies Hydronix digital microwave moisture meters.

Birkenmayer South Africa also provides complete industrial processing solutions where plants are designed, manufactured and installed to specific client requirements. Birkenmayer offers overall assistance in the planning of complete processing projects.

Looking for the right industrial
processing solution for your

Birkenmayer South Africa’s industrial processing
solutions are suitable for a variety of applications
including: Building material, Concrete production, Foundry, Metallurgical, Environmental protection, Refractory and Ceramic processing. Birkenmayer’s worldwide partnerships allow us to provide industrial process solutions in fine grinding technologies, incorporating agitated media mills (TowerMill and MaxxMill).

Birkenmayer South Africa – Hydronix moisture meters
Moisture Meters
Birkenmayer offers the Hydronix moisture
that will best suit your application, whether
it is for measuring moisture in sand, aggregates,
animal feed, asphalt, clay bricks, concrete
production, grain, cereal or sugar.

Birkenmayer South Africa – block making machines   Birkenmayer South Africa - Eirich industrial processing solutions
Brick and block-making
Industrial mixers
Birkenmayer’s range of small, medium or large block and brick making machines, produce quality concrete and cement based bricks and blocks.
Birkenmayer manufactures
industrial mixers suitable for small,
to large industrial processing,
producing consistent, high-quality
mixes in a variety of industries.
011 970 3880
Our experts will be happy to advise you on an industrial
processing solution that suits your requirements!

Do you need additional support?

Birkenmayer backs its industrial processing solutions with a range of client services, including stockholding of emergency spares, free basic instruction on how to operate your machine, as well as consulting and product advice from highly skilled staff.

Birkenmayer backs its brick and block making machines with frequent courtesy visits to customer sites to provide technical advice and keep customers updated with developments. In addition, Birkenmayer also runs a laboratory facility that tests the best variations of raw materials, and advises customers on the use of aggregates for best results.

We have the industrial processing solution you need!

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