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Birkenmayer South Africa, with extensive knowledge in industrial processing solutions, has over 50 years’ experience in the South African building materials and concrete production market. Birkenmayer locally manufactures a wide range of reputable, robust, easy-to-operate and cost-considerate brick and block making machines and Eirich industrial mixers, as well as supplies Hydronix digital microwave moisture meters.

Birkenmayer South Africa also provides complete industrial processing solutions where plants are designed, manufactured and installed to specific client requirements. Birkenmayer offers overall assistance in the planning of complete processing projects.

Looking for the right industrial processing solution for your requirements?

Birkenmayer South Africa’s industrial processing solutions are suitable for a variety of applications including: Building material, Concrete production, Foundry, Metallurgical, Environmental protection, Refractory, Ceramic processing, fertilizers, Glass and Recycling . Birkenmayer’s worldwide partnerships allow us to provide industrial process solutions in fine grinding technologies, incorporating agitated media mills (TowerMill and MaxxMill).

Birkenmayer provides South Africa with superior processing solutions

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Birkenmayer at The Concrete Expo

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Birkenmayer durability

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What our customers have to say

If people ask me what I will change in the business, my answer always is – anything except the two H Birkenmayer plants.
H Birkenmayer has been our choice for equipment since 1995, when the time arrived for the second plant in 2006 there was no hesitation than to install our second VB4.

Through Quality, reliability and efficient products backed by staff that treats you like royalty and let you feel like family, Birkenmayer allow us to focus on manufacturing and selling concrete product.

We want to thank you all for being part of our business for the last 21 years.

Baybrick Team, Lime Online

Eirich’s Revolutionised Mixing Principles

Eirich Mixers

Eirich mixers, German-engineered and locally manufactured by Birkenmayer, have revolutionised industrial processes for over 150 years. Thanks to constant product refinement based on industry demands and determination to create robust yet easily maintained machines, Eirich’s technology utilises effective mixing principles that are employed in more than 300 branches of industry.

This rich history has enabled Eirich to develop five new mixers in the last five years that have drastically reshaped the mixer industry, by introducing sleek designs and the latest electronics, without losing the integrity of the famous Eirich Mixing principle.

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