Hydronix, world leader in moisture measurement technologies, is working with Birkenmayer as the approved reseller, to establish moisture measurement as a standard solution to many industrial processes in South Africa. By installing Hydronix microwave moisture sensors, manufacturers in the concrete, asphalt, and aggregate industries create potential for large-scale cost saving, while producing reliable products, with increased profitability.

This Hydronix process control instrument can help to optimise manufacturing processes in the mixing stage, where the product is homogenous and consistent. For example, in Eirich industrial mixers, where manual operator interventions such as water corrections are crucial in establishing quality, Hydronix moisture measurement sensors provide real-time and accurate readings. This effectively helps to reduce the number of wasted or spoilt batches, helping manufacturers to establish a consistently high standard final product.

The state-of-the-art Hydronix moisture measurement technique produces a much more accurate measurement than traditional techniques. With a measured penetration of approximately 100mm in dry sand, the chosen operating frequency of the sensor offers a precise calculation between the combination of measured penetration and accuracy of measurement. Hydronix microwave moisture sensors are wear resistant, but parts subject to wear-and-tear are individually replaceable.

Birkenmayer offers a complete industrial mixing automation solution – as suppliers of Hydronix sensors, as well as Eirich industrial mixers. Using Eirich industrial mixers and Hydronix process control measurement technologies together allows for optimum results to be produced every time, helping manufacturers save money. This is the key to boosting overall profitability as the price of raw materials increases.