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With the volume of sludge that needs to be dried likely to continue growing over the next few years, Birkenmayer – in association with Eirich – offers a sophisticated range of direct drying systems that provides lower energy costs, better environmental practices and maximum operational efficiency.

A number of recent trials have proven Eirich industrial mixers […]

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Over the last decade, the concrete industry has slowly increased the complexity of its formulas in an effort to improve in-situ strength, viscosity and setting time, while reducing cost of production with admixtures which optimise cement to gravel ratios. This has created a new market for cement mixers that produce more precise results.

At the 2013 […]

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Birkenmayer and Eirich help make heavy industry waste recycling viable

With the industry trend moving away from dumping waste residues, Birkenmayer, one of Africa’s leading process engineering firms and the sole supplier of Eirich industrial mixers locally, has developed ways of viably recycling them back into the production line. By re-using these ‘wastes’, large industrial plants are able to boost efficiency and profitability, and extract […]

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Swiss watch technology inspires greater moisture measurement accuracy

The British moisture measurement technology manufacturer, Hydronix, has drawn inspiration from the bimetallic strip in a mechanical Swiss watch, which remains indifferent to changes in temperature, to develop electronic hardware and a compensation algorithm that finely adjusts measurements by the state-of-the-art Hydro-Mix VII moisture sensor to provide measurement accuracy down to 0.1%.

Building on the success […]

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Birkenmayer unveils the new Eirich laboratory mixer with integrated control

Trials and tests at laboratory level are an integral part of the development of new products and the refinement of existing products. Satisfying the need for data capturing and control of the mixing process as needed in laboratories, Eirich has developed the new R01 laboratory mixer with integrated control technology. This allows users to optimally […]

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Birkenmayer’s HB68: Growing confidence in Harare

Satisfying the need for a high production rate, versatility, quality and adaptability to a range of bricks, blocks and pavers, Birkenmayer supplied a new Zimbabwean client, Vaka Concrete, with a complete state-of- the-art blockmaking solution- incorporating their latest machine, the HB68.

‘At the moment the HB68 is the largest brick/block making machine in the country and […]

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Eirich homogeneity turns fine coal waste into resource

In the mining industry, fine coal dust can be a major environmental disadvantage. But thanks to Eirich industrial mixers supplied by local distributor Birkenmayer, collieries in Mpumalanga have been able to successfully limit this concern using advanced mixing technology.

With a plant built to turn its ultra-fines into coal briquettes, collieries can effectively capitalise on the […]

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Intelligent mixer control from Eirich

When it comes to high-performance industrial mixing – whether it’s concrete, plastics, chemicals or suspensions – companies can no longer afford to risk a batch by relying on approximate uniformity estimates, even by an experienced mixer operator. Reducing batch wastage has become a major priority for manufacturers, and Eirich, the global pioneer of industrial mixer […]

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Birkenmayer Unveils HB20 for Small to Medium Production Plants

Birkenmayer has recently welcomed the arrival of Eirich’s latest innovation in block making – the HB20.

The HB20 offers the highest quality bricks, blocks and pavers, delivering small to medium capacities at minimum effort. Equipped with a pneumatically operated magazine and feedbox, the HB20 is designed for maximum ease of operation.

The compact, yet robust, HB20 is […]

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Discarded energy offering new economic possibilities

150 years of intensive coal mining in South Africa has produced around 1 billion tonnes of discarded thermal-grade coal fines. In the last decade, avenues of utilising this residual energy source are being explored with increasing commitment. Recognising both the economic potential and the environmental risk posed by the discards, Birkenmayer South Africa supplies mixing […]

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