Eirich Industrial Mixers for the Battery Industry:

Eirich Industrial Mixers for the Battery Industry are designed to specialise and are perfect for mixing compounds, homogenously, for battery pastes, lead acid paste and lithium-ion batteries.

Internationally, Eirich, whose mixers are distributed in South Africa exclusively by Birkenmayer, is considered a reliable and trusted partner of the battery industry, because of its innovative technologies for the preparation of:

  • Alkaline battery compounds
  • Lead acid compounds
  • Lithium battery compounds
  • Zinc-carbon battery compounds

Battery Pastes

Our machines and systems are configured to meet a number of requirements when mixing for battery pastes. These include the production range; capacity requirements; and degree of automation. This allows for free selection of the kind of carbon carrier, lithium salt, and the manner of processing other raw materials.

  • Lithium salt can be added as a dry material or dissolved in suspension
  • Silo bottom ends have a flanged rim which can be extended by cylindrical silo segments
  • Silos are fed as specified by the customer

Eirich preparation systems are manufactured according to a modern, modular design concept which offers decisive advantages over conventional systems. Among them, pre-assembled and function-tested modules enable the system to be installed and commissioned in extremely short time.

Take advantage of superior mixing technology today. Consult with an expert to determine the best mixer for your requirements.

Lead Acid Paste

When mixing compounds for lead acid paste, Eirich’s unique Evactherm® process is internationally-proven in its environmentally-friendly and economical production of lead acid compounds.

Using vacuum technology, Evactherm® offers operational and technological advantages, including:

  • Zero dependency on air temperature and humidity
  • No formula corruption
  • Exact compliance with pre-set temperature patterns
  • No local overheating
  • Effective process control
  • Reproducible, constant quality
  • Automatic penetration regulation
  • Closed, environmentally-friendly system

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Innovative preparation technology for Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) Batteries is enabled by Eirich, the world-leader of preparation technology for lead-acid batteries. Using vacuum technology for bubble-free slurries, Erich’s preparation technology is a unique single-unit process which enables:

  • Transformation from powder to slurry in only 15 minutes
  • Adjustment of slurry rheology in wide ranges
  • Superior battery characteristics
  • Small system footprint

From one source the user gets:

  • System engineering
  • Evactherm® mixing reactor or intensive mixer
  • Batching technology
  • Process control and instrumentation technology

Erich’s applied technology in industrial mixers for the battery industry guarantees the highest paste quality and exact reproducibility. In addition, the state-of-the-art control systems comprise all the necessary safety, self-testing and logging functions.