Electric Brick Making Machines in South Africa

Birkenmayer provides small brick making machines for production of up to 10 000 bricks per day, as well as medium to large brick making machines for production of up to 120 000 bricks a day.

Every brick making machine for sale from Birkenmayer provides the local construction sector with a range of reputable, robust, easy-to-operate and cost-effective brick making solutions. Birkenmayer, a leader in brick making machine manufacturing in South Africa, has over 50 years’ industry experience that will help guarantee the success of your brick making machine.

Birkenmayer’s brick making machines are suited to customers in a variety of sectors, including brick making plants, entrepreneurs, NGOs, DIY builders and concrete brick and paving manufacturers.

Brick making machines for small production plants

The HB14 brick making machine produces SABS-approved stock bricks and maxi bricks.

Brick making machines for medium to large plants

The HB68, HB48 and HB33 brick making machines are ideal for high volume stock brick making applications. Make pavers for roads, pavements and driveways.

Brick making machines for small and large brick production runs

Birkenmayer’s small HB14 brick making machine, previously known as the VBO brick making machine, are ideal for first-time entrants in the market. Birkenmayer also manufactures medium to large brick making machines, the HB68, which replaced the VB6, for established building material suppliers and concrete production companies.


Brick making machines for South Africa

Each brick making machine for sale features locally-built, robust frame and vibration systems that ensure low maintenance costs and exceptional durability. This makes it easier to continuously produce quality bricks, without worrying about production slowdowns caused by unnecessary repairs and unavailable spare parts.

Complete batching and product handling solutions are available from Birkenmayer, along with advice and support from experienced brick making experts. Birkenmayer’s brick making machines and expertise are ideal for a range of applications: weigh batching, manual and automatic pallet handling systems, cubing stations and electric controls, as well as cement feed and weighing.

Operational support from Birkenmayer

Regular courtesy visits to your production site provide a platform for technical advice, and help to keep customers up-to-date with the latest industry developments.

Start making top quality bricks and enquire today!


Birkenmayer offers only electrically-operated brick making machines

Brick making machine features:

  • SABS quality-approved bricks are manufactured on all our machine sizes
  • World class vibration technology for consistent results in every batch
  • High quality and high quantity brick making machines
  • Easy operation
  • Robust frame designManufacture a variety of masonry products with a single brick making machine

Brick types

  • Maxi Bricks
  • Stock Bricks
  • Rectangular Bricks
  • Interlocking Pavers

Brick making machine output capacity

Birkenmayer’s brick making machines for sale produce high quality bricks with impressive output capacities ranging from 10 000, to 120 000 bricks per eight hour shift. These brick making machines are all capable of producing SABS-approved bricks, are built to last and are simple to operate, and ensure a quality-consistent batch at every production run.