Eirich Industrial Mixers for Carbon Paste

Carbon paste, or anode paste, is used in a number of industries for a variety of applications. Achieving homogenousity when mixing for carbon paste is, however, something else. It was with this in mind that Eirich, whose products are distributed exclusively in South Africa by Birkenmayer, specifically developed the Eirich Mixing Cascade – EMC®.

EMC® for anode paste preparation is an advanced, cost-effective solution for primary aluminium smelters and producers of graphite electrodes, cathodes, metallurgical paste, and specialty carbon and carbon paste products. The EMC® system:

  • Requires a low upfront investment
  • Decreases operation costs
  • Lowers maintenance costs
  • Delivers excellent past quality

In the Carbon Paste category, Eirich Industrial Mixers can be used for:

  • Block anodes and cathodes for primary aluminium electrolysis
  • Soederberg compounds for applications in the primary aluminium and metallurgy fields
  • Graphite electrodes for electrical arc furnaces
  • Special graphite products
  • Products made of carbon fibre materials

The EMC® is the future of prebake anode and Soederberg paste preparations. This highly reliable carbon paste mixing system is available for all common plant sizes, ranging from production of 10 tonnes per hour to more than 60 tonnes per hour

The EMC® is a continuously-operated system functioning without the use of conventional kneaders. The component central to the system is the Eirich Intensive Mixer, which makes it possible to replace short-time pitch penetration by means of kneading forces, with long-time pitch penetration by careful intensive mixing. This system features a retention time approximately twice that of a conventional kneader.

Other EMC® components include:

A coke preheating screw. This transfers heat to the materials in preparation for processing inside the mixers.

A variable speed drive unit. This keeps the product filling level above the screw independent of the production rate, maximising the active heating area and avoiding any wear problems on the screw spirals at the feeding end.
Do you have any queries pertaining to carbon paste mixing, our EMC® or Intensive Mixer? Birkenmayer can assist with all of your requirements and specifications!

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