Eirich Industrial Mixers for Ceramics

Eirich, represented in South Africa exclusively by Birkenmayer, has developed processing solutions and mixing innovations for use in both coarse and fine ceramics. Eirich supplies all equipment required for process optimisation in ceramics, from the delivery of raw materials to the handover of products at the moulding stage. It supplies machines and processes for processing:

  • Raw materials
  • Mixtures
  • Compounds
  • Finished compounds
  • Ceramic combinations

Cost-effective preparation

Eirich developed an innovative process for preparing dry ceramic compounds, cost-effectively, called EcoPrep®. EcoPrep® brings a massive reduction in energy consumption in comparison with spray drying commonly used in ceramics. It is a method where the granule production process is additive-free, leading to a significant reduction in production costs and CO2 emissions.

From raw materials to high-quality ceramic end products – seamless processing from a one-stop-supplier – Eirich has the right mixer for you.

For more than a century Eirich has been delivering advanced technology solutions for industrial processing engineering. Key milestones in the development of a wide variety of industries and applications are inextricably linked to Eirich mixing technology.

The Eirich mixing system

The special Eirich mixing system comprises of three essential components. The way in which these components are used can vary in a particularly flexible fashion when designing the mixing processes:

  • The rotating mixing pan delivers the mixture into the area of the mixing tools.
  • One or more mixing tools are arranged unconventionally. The direction of rotation and the speed of the mixing tool(s) can be optimally adapted to different applications.
  • The bottom/wall scraper provides additional agitation action. This prevents caking on the wall and bottom of the pan and facilitates discharge when the mixing cycle is complete.

Eirich offers innovative processes and techniques for all ceramics sectors, supplying a broad range of machines, equipment and systems. The main focus is on the basic operations of mixing, pelletising, kneading, drying and pulverising.

Industrial processing solutions from Birkenmayer

Birkenmayer South Africa, with extensive knowledge in industrial processing solutions, has over 50 years’ experience in the South African building materials and concrete production market. Birkenmayer manufactures a wide range of reputable, robust, easy-to-operate and cost-considerate equipment and machinery locally. Products include brick making machines and block making machines, Eirich Industrial Mixers and Hydronix digital microwave moisture meters.