Concrete Mixers From Birkenmayer South Africa

Concrete mixers from Birkenmayer South Africa are custom-built for high speed, reliable and energy efficient mixing of concrete, cement and special concrete with admixtures. Using the intensive mixing principle, Eirich tilted pan mixers ensure truly homogenous results – batch after batch.

Tilted pan mixers from Eirich are engineered by leading German mixing experts, and manufactured locally by Birkenmayer with over 50 years of material processing expertise in Africa.

Birkenmayer South Africa has the Concrete Mixers expertise you need

Concrete mixers from Birkenmayer are manufactured using over 50 years of experience in the industrial processing market, and form part of a comprehensive range of fully developed, locally manufactured processing solutions. The pan mixers range is suitable for use in small, medium and large concrete manufacturing plants in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa.

Birkenmayer’s range of tilted pan mixers have been specifically designed to complement its range of brick and block making machines, providing you with a complete, fully integrated industrial processing solution from a single supplier

Birkenmayer’s range of ancillary equipment includes screw conveyors, weigh scales and other dosing equipment which are used in conjunction with Eirich tilted pan mixers to optimise processing efficiency.


German-engineered Concrete Mixers provide greater performance and efficiency

As Eirich’s exclusive South African representative, Birkenmayer has access to over a century’s experience in leading mixing technology. This helps Birkenmayer to manufacture the world’s best tilted pan mixers that are robust, reliable and produce high-quality end results.

Eirich Concrete Mixers will boost your production capacity

Birkenmayer-manufactured concrete mixers process between 75 and 1 500 litres of concrete per batch (depending on the model), and ensure consistent results with every batch. With a robust design, tilted pan mixers handle abrasive materials well, and are known to provide reliable performance well beyond 20 years of intense operation.

Produce greener results with Eirich tilted Concrete Mixers

Pan mixers from Eirich and Birkenmayer feature a reduced mixing cycle, which provides a significant cut in energy requirements. This makes them more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient, helping you to maximise your plant’s profitability.

RV15 Tilted Concrete Mixers for medium production plants:

Suitable for mid-weight cement, concrete or block and brick making businesses

Ideal for batch handling capacities up to 750ℓ per batch

Features an inclined mixing pan

Robust, easy to use and cost-efficient design

RV19 Tilted Concrete Mixers for large production plants:

Suitable for use in large production block and brick making facilities

Maximum batch handling capacity of 1 500ℓ per batch

Unique R-type design cement mixer with inclined pan

Macro and micro mixing technology

Manufacture a range of concrete products with Eirich Concrete Mixers:

  • Concrete for roof tiles
  • Facing concrete
  • Railroad tie concrete
  • Foamed concrete
  • Self-compacting concrete
  • Fibre concrete
  • Ultra high-strength concrete
  • Polymer concrete
  • Dry mortar