Eirich Industrial Mixers for Foundry Sands

Eirich Industrial Mixers for Foundry Sands, supplied exclusively by Birkenmayer, make a significant contribution to casting efficiency through its state-of-the-art compacting technology.

Eirich Industrial Mixers for Foundry Sands facilitate two types of moulding sand preparation:

  • The EVACTHERM┬« process
  • Air-cooling method

The most important quality criteria for moulding sand, achieved when Eirich Industrial Mixers for Foundry Sand are used, are:

  • Exact compliance with compactibility specifications
  • Excellent flowability
  • Uniform strength values
  • Optimal gas permeability

Which mixing solution is best suited to your production requirements? Our experienced experts will provide the appropriate advice for your plant or production process

The EVACTHERM® process: Moulding sand preparation under vacuum technology

The EVACTHERM® process integrates cooling and bentonite activation in the mixing process replacing the three-step process required with the air-cooling method into just one step.

Eirich specifically adapted this process for moulding sand preparation applications. It is considered the solution of choice when it comes to outstanding efficiency and top quality mixes.

Air-cooling: Moulding sand for the efficient production of castings

Air-cooling is used primarily for efficient cast production. Using Industrial Mixers for Foundry Sands from Eirich, air-cooling is a three-step process incorporating cooling, mixing and bentonite activation. This enables:

  • Perfect homogenisation of return sand, new sand and additives
  • Fast, complete distribution of water added to the mix
  • Sufficient duration of the wet mixing phases
  • Complete dispersion of bentonite, forming uniform coatings on grains of sand
  • Top-quality sand output with excellent reproducibility

Systems for moulding sand preparation

EIRICH has more than 70 years of systems manufacturing experience, and its portfolio of systems for moulding sand preparation covers the entire process chain including:

  • Material handling
  • Pre-treatment
  • Return sand storage
  • Sand preparation
  • Transfer to the moulding line

Birkenmayer also supplies brick making and block making machines for small to medium and large manufacturing facilities, and distributes the Hydronix moisture meter for measuring moisture in a variety of mixes and applications.

The EIRICH mixing system, with its unique advantages, produces top-quality sand with excellent reproducibility. Eirich Industrial Mixers has the solution for you.