Eirich Industrial Mixers for the Friction Lining Industry:

Eirich Industrial Mixers for Friction Lining, supplied exclusively in South Africa by Birkenmayer, have been designed to achieve homogenous results every time and ensure ultimate batch consistency. Our mixers are suitable for the commercial, industrial or consumer sectors, and comprise:

  • Adjustable residual moisture of the granulates
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Precise temperature control
  • Reduced inert gas requirements for solvent-containing formulas

Ideal for mixing friction lining mixes for practically any friction-orientated product, from brake and clutch linings/plates to sintered disc and pads, springs, gears, moving equipment and a whole lot more, Eirich Industrial

Mixers for Friction Lining enable users to achieve more homogenous mixtures with intensive mixes and with gentle dissolution, particularly in the case of fibrous constituents.
Reduce operating costs and achieve exceptional consistency with an
Eirich industrial mixer, only from Birkenmayer.

The Evactherm® process

The Evactherm® process is ideal for mixing for friction lining. It integrates cooling and bentonite activation in the mixing process and is considered the solution of choice when it comes to outstanding efficiency and top quality mixes.

Part of Birkenmayer’s overall product offering is the Hydronix moisture meter which uses industry-leading digital microwave sensor technology to accurately measure and control moisture for a consistent, high-quality mix. They can be used in a diverse range of applications including sand, aggregates, animal feeds, asphalt, clay bricks, concrete production, grain, cereal and sugar.

Birkenmayer also supplies brick making and block making machines for small to medium and large manufacturing facilities.