Hydronix Moisture Meters and Sensors

Hydronix moisture meters, with Birkenmayer as the sole South African supplier, use industry-leading digital microwave sensor technology to accurately measure and control moisture for a consistent, high-quality mix.

Hydronix moisture meter products and sensors from Birkenmayer utilise the specialised contact method, where the material flows across the ceramic faceplates during processing, resulting in a reliable real-time reading. Our entire range of microwave moisture meter products and sensors feature unique digital technology that is easy to install and operate. Each are also able to connect to a third party control system without any intermediary units, decreasing downtime and maintenance costs.

Hydronix’s range of moisture meters & moisture sensors can be used in a diverse range of applications:

  • Sand
  • Aggregates
  • Animal feeds
  • Asphalt
  • Clay bricks

  • Concrete production
  • Grain
  • Cereal
  • Sugar


All Hydronix Moisture Meters for sale from Birkenmayer are backed with expert consulting and product advice

Microwave Moisture Meter

moisture-controls-displays-interfacesOur microwave moisture meters and sensors utilise the contact method, measuring moisture levels up to 25 times per second. The Hydronix Hydro-Probe II uses a digital measurement technique for accurate moisture measurement for a consistent, high quality result.

Temperature Probe

temperature-sensorsOur Hydronix Thermo-Tuff temperature probe is ideal for industrial equipment such as concrete and cement mixers, sand and aggregate mixers, and asphalt mixers, ranging from 0-80°C. Increase your uptime with high speed, high accuracy electronics.

Hydronix Moisture Sensor Controls, Displays and Interfaces

moisture-sensorsHydronix solutions and interfaces from Birkenmayer are specifically designed to simplify integration into existing moisture control systems. The Ethernet adapter allows for communication with up to 16 Hydronix moisture meters and controls, via one standard connection.


SoftwareThe Hydro-Com downloadable software can be used with our entire range of Hydronix moisture meter equipment to back-up and restore moisture meter settings, as well as create a database of material calibrations.

Do you need additional support?

Birkenmayer backs its offering of Hydronix moisture meters with a range of client services, including stockholding of emergency spares, free basic instruction on how to operate your equipment, as well as consulting and product advice from highly skilled staff.