Eirich Industrial Mixers supplied by Birkenmayer South Africa

As Eirich exclusive South African representative for over 50 years, Birkenmayer offers a range of locally manufactured, customised industrial mixers that are renowned for batch consistency. With more than a century’s industrial processing experience, Eirich mixers are based on its industry renowned, German-engineered mixing technology.

Eirich Industrial Mixers help you to:

  • Optimally solubilise fibres
  • Completely crush pigments
  • Optimise mixing of fine fractions
  • Manufacture suspensions with a high solids content
  • Produce mixtures with a high mixture quality
  • Add lightweight additives or foams to the mixture
  • Perform Dry mixing, blending, granulation, kneading, dispersing

Birkenmayer also provides installation and maintenance services, including customer support, efficient access to spare parts, consultation services and staff training.

Birkenmayer’s range of ancillary equipment includes screw conveyors which are used in conjunction with Eirich industrial and pan mixers to optimise processing efficiency.

Eirich Industrial Mixers are ideal for a range of processing

Eirich intensive mixers are built to facilitate a number of processes, such as wet / dry mixing, drying, vacuum mixing, continuous mixing and granulation, among various others. This means that one machine can simultaneously perform the processes of many different machines – reducing operating expenses through reduced energy consumption, and speeding up overall processing.

Applicable processes

  • Sinter plant mixing
  • Granulation
  • Pelletizing
  • Briquetting
  • Fine grinding


Industrial Mixer technology

Extensive co-operation with both researchers and end users in the field of process technology has led to Eirich developing some of the world’s most advanced technology for industrial mixers. Eirich mixing technology comprises of three components that can be varied when designing the machine, to suit your requirements:

  • Rotating mixing pan that delivers the mixture into the area of the mixing tools
  • A variety of mixing tools (agitators) that uses optimised speed difference to create a cross-flow in the mix
  • A stationary scraper tool that delivers a continuous vertical component in the mixture flow, preventing material build-up at the walls and the floor of the pan, and accelerating the emptying process

Benefits of Eirich’s Industrial Mixers:

  • Consistency with every batch
  • Exceptional quality design
  • Customisable to suit your application
  • Flexible mixing technology
  • Variable speed technology
  • Reduced risk of spoiling batches

Eirich Industrial Mixers features:

  • Customisable tool speeds to suit your processing goals
  • Exceptional service life and durability
  • Easily accessible and exchangeable wear elements
  • Improved distribution of additives
  • Quick and high-quality processing time on a variety of materials
  • Reduced waste

Unique Eirich mixing technology helps you to:

  • Control the quality outcome of your batch
  • Customise your processing speed to suit your mix
  • Mix without mixture separation
  • Achieve 100% material agitation during each revolution of the mixing pan
  • Adjust the throughput rate and mixing intensity of your processing equipment, according to your mix consistency.

In Johannesburg, the Soccer City stadium’s colourful exterior is one example of where EIRICH industrial mixers were used to help create consistent and high-quality results

Do you need additional support?

Birkenmayer backs its industrial mixers with a range of client services, including emergency spares, free basic instruction on how to operate machines, as well as consulting and product advice from highly skilled staff.

Reduce operating costs and achieve exceptional consistency with an Eirich Industrial Mixer, only from Birkenmayer.

We have the right Industrial Mixer for your industry:


Environmental Protection


Foundry Sand


Glass Manufacturing

Friction Lining

Carbon Paste


Sand-lime Brick