Eirich Industrial Mixers for Metallurgy

Eirich Industrial Mixers, including industrial mixers for metallurgy, are renowned for batch consistency. Taking this, and other factors into account, Eirich Industrial Mixers, supplied exclusively by Birkenmayer, enable mixing solutions that offer the metallurgical industry cost-effective processing of raw materials, auxiliary materials and residual materials.

Eirich’s Industrial Mixers’ metallurgical applications:


  • Pellets for blast furnaces or direct reduction
  • Sinter mixers
  • Fine ores for special industrial processes
  • Recycling of residual materials

Eirich Industrial Mixers equip turnkey plants to prepare materials for metallurgy and metal production residues, among many applications.

Eirich has field-proven solutions for material preparations in the range of:

  • ores
  • powder metallurgy
  • auxiliaries
  • environmental protection/recycling

While Birkenmayer is the exclusive South African distributer for Eirich Process Solutions, including industrial mixers as well as brick making machines and block making machines. Eirich has locations and agencies in over 60 countries – a truly international brand.

Birkenmayer backs its entire range of industrial processing solutions with a range of client services. This includes stockholding of emergency spares, free basic instruction on how to operate your machine, as well as consulting and product advice from highly skilled staff.

Birkenmayer also offers the Hydronix moisture meter that will best suit your application, whether it is for measuring moisture in sand, aggregates, animal feed, asphalt, clay bricks, concrete production, grain, cereal or sugar.

For the best mixers for the metallurgical industry as well as other industrial mixing processes, Eirich Industrial Mixers has the solution for you.