Eirich Industrial Mixers for Refractory Products

Industrial mixers for the refractory industry are ideal for use in large production runs, frequent formula changes and multiple consistencies. There is no better mixer suited for these requirements than the Eirich Intensive Mixer – formerly known as ‘the counterflow mixer’, distributed in South Africa exclusively by Birkenmayer. The Eirich Intensive Mixer replaced the double-shaft mixer and the muller mixer for refractory purposes because comparative tests showed Eirich’s mixer yielded:

  • Better mixes
  • Faster processing times
  • Less energy consumption

Internationally, companies use Eirich technology to successfully manufacture refractory products to the highest quality standards. Specialist expertise has been gained in the following refractory product areas:

  • Mortar and putty
  • Mixtures and granulates for oxide and non-oxide ceramic material
  • Mixtures for ceramic fibre materials
  • Unshaped products

We also have specialist expertise in moulding compounds for all types of bricks, including hot mixtures; casting compounds; thermal insulation compounds; foaming compounds; compounds for refractory lightweight bricks; and dense vibrating, casting, ramming, spraying compounds and mixtures.

Eirich Intensive Mixers guarantee high quality standards, for large production quantities, frequent formula changes and varying consistencies – ideal for refractory mixing.

Birkenmayer and Eirich

Birkenmayer is the exclusive South African distributer for Eirich Process Solutions , including industrial mixers for the refractory, glass , metallurgy , environmental protection , ceramics , foundry sand , friction lining , carbon paste , batteries and sand-lime brick industries.

Eirich through the ages …

“What matters is the merging of all components into one homogenous product of the highest quality. The high-speed counterflow [Eirich] mixer perfectly meets this demand for very lean bodies and is equally well-suited for mixing dry, semi-moist and moist bodies.” – the German Ceramic Society in 1932. Eirich industrial mixers are still ahead of all other mixers – more than 80 years later.

The mixing qualities obtained by Eirich Intensive Mixers are unmatched by any other system.

Other process solutions

Birkenmayer’s industrial processing solutions include brick making machines and block making machines. It is also the sole South African supplier of Hydronix moisture meters , which use industry-leading digital microwave sensor technology to accurately measure and control moisture for a consistent, high-quality mix. They can be used in a diverse range of applications including sand; aggregates; animal feeds; asphalt; clay bricks; concrete production; grain; cereal; and sugar.