Eirich Industrial Mixers for Sand Lime Brick

A complete range of processing technology from Eirich for all kinds of sand-lime brick mixes is available in South Africa exclusively from Birkenmayer. Our Eirich Intensive Mixers adhere to consistently high quality standards. For the sand lime brick industry we stock:

  • Premixing systems for batch processing of the reaction compounds
  • After-mixing systems for batch processing or continuous processing of the press bodies

Eirich also offers state-of-the-art process control technology which has been specially developed for the sand lime brick industry, including:

  • Lime / water correction
  • Sand / water correction
  • CaO records

The special mixing system used in Eirich’s Intensive Mixers guarantees that the high demands placed on lime sand bricks in terms of homogeneity are attained reliably and in a way which can be easily reproduced.

The homogeneity achieved using the Eirich Intensive Mixer for sand lime brick can be seen in, for example, the way colour pigments are blended without any streaking.

Existing Eirich customers from the sand lime brick industry have reported:

  • Saving in quicklime at same stabilities
  • In case of coloured bricks, scrap is clearly reduced due to fewer surface defects
  • During secondary mixing, even partial quantities can be mixed in high quality.

Eirich Industrial Mixers for the sand lime brick industry are ideal for:

  • Solid bricks
  • Ventilating bricks
  • Building blocks
  • Hollow blocks
  • External bricks
  • Facing bricks
  • Building boards
  • Thermal insulation systems
  • Sound insulation systems

Other process solutions

Birkenmayer’s industrial processing solutions include brick making machines and block making machines. It is also the sole South African supplier of Hydronix moisture meters, which use industry-leading digital microwave sensor technology to accurately measure and control moisture for a consistent, high-quality mix. They can be used in a diverse range of applications including sand; aggregates; animal feeds; asphalt; clay bricks; concrete production; grain; cereal; and sugar.